Multi Tank Card

E-services for leading mobility provider

SCOPE: Addressing new customer segments

Employers want flexibility for their staff when traveling. Time and cost are traded-off against social values such as a sustainable future. Combinations of sustainable mobility options attract new customers that were previously not in scope for mobility service providers.

DEFINE: Making sustainable mobility work

Electric mobility is only sustainable when all of its elements are. New generation business travelers and commuters expect solutions to help them achieving sustainable goals.

DEVELOP: The full circle of mobility services

Mobility is about mode of transport, accessibility and energy. Every combination is an answer to  a specific mobility need. With Multi Tank Card we are developing the full circle of new mobility services, ranging from mobile, solar-powered charging services for your electric vehicle while you’re in a meeting to calendar-based ride hailing solutions that save you even the hassle of starting an app on your smart-phone.

IDENTIFY: technology to make it work

Multi Tank Card works with strong IT players for delivering services to customers at a very high efficiency level. The new circle of mobility services continues from this IT strategy, setting high standards for the partners delivering the required technology and processes.

EMBED: matrix structure

The embedding of new services is about mapping services on all steps of the core MTC process. This allows for a custom activation of services for specific clients or products, ensuring that everyone in the MTC organization, from sales to invoicing, is fully in control of managing their seamless contribution to the operation.

This work is currently being implemented. Project responsible:

Patrick Roozeman, managing director of Multi Tank Card

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