Jaguar Land Rover

iPace home charging

SCOPE: a perfect customer journey of driving electric

With Jaguar Land Rover boldly entering the world of electric mobility, their customers were about to be faced with the many new challenges of a plug-in vehicle. However, Jaguar has made live easy. The 95 kwh battery of the recently launched Jaguar iPace provides the luxury of a long range to its owner. So what was left, was bringing the convenience of charging the vehicle at home.

How can we deliver against this promise when home charging has so many local limitations, legal requirements and practical considerations before one can plug-in an electric vehicle?

DEFINE: a local solution, yet meeting global quality standards

The charging of an electric vehicle works differently for drivers in Europe. In some countries, electric energy at home is distributed via 3 phases, however limiting the maximum power per phase. In other countries electricity comes via one phase with a larger power factor. Legislation demands in some countries that the amount of electricity charged to a vehicles should be visible on a display. And then there are countries that require charge points to be locked when not in use, while this obligation does not exist in the other parts of Europe.

DEVELOP: a seamless experience for JLR EV drivers

JLR asked for the development of a hassle free experience for drivers when commissioning their full-electric iPace, perfectly fit to the local circumstances in their country. The customer journey from purchase at the dealer to daily use of the vehicle at home had to be even more convenient than the one of a conventional petrol car.

IDENTIFY: charge service providers in  26 countries

After defining the perfect customer journey for Jaguar electric drivers, we traveled across Europe to meet all local supplier of EV home charge technology and services to identify the best solution. Requirements were revisited on the basis of learnings and best-practices to eventually create a unique, high standard for Jaguar electric driving. This standard was then localized to meet the needs and circumstances in every country. Supplier were selected on the basis of their ability to meet and implement the Jaguar standards.

EMBED: home charging in delivery process

For a hassle free experience, the provisioning of home charging and a mobile charge card had to be part of the vehicle delivery process. A close collaboration between various partners, dealership, installer, charge service provider, MSP etc, were needed to make the journey a perfect one for the JLR customer.


*note: this project was done in partnership with the colleagues of EV-consult. We’re very appreciative of the collaboration and their kind invitation to jointly develop this project

This work was done for JLR Europe. Project responsible:

Raynald Roger, European head of sales and marketing

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