Joint Venture

Smart charging for EV fleets

PowerD is a joint venture between LeasePlan Corporation and Faraday Keys. PowerD takes a leading role in the energy transition by increasing the share of renewable energy in cars and households.

SCOPE: Entering new markets

The changing mobility and energy ecosystem provide ample opportunities for entering new markets. Electric cars can be leveraged to store renewable energy and charge whenever prices and CO2 are optimal.

DEFINE: Smart charging for EV fleets

Grid operators are facing serious challenges to manage the energy demand. Especially with the growth of electric driving. Smart charging electric vehicles offers a way to balance the energy grid and increase the use of renewable energy for charging.

DEVELOP: Making EV charging green, profitable and controllable

We developed a solution to make EV fleets green and controllable for the customer, and profitable for the driver. With our smart charging app EVs are charged when renewable energy is available, and prices are low. When drivers switch to our green energy contract, we can assure certified green charging for the customer and share our profit with the drivers.

IDENTIFY: Collaboration of multiple experts

Innovation goes faster if you work together. To realize our ambition, we collaborated with knowledge and technology experts in the field of mobility, fulfilment, and energy.

EMBED: Setting up a new corporate venture

Together with the client we decided to set up a new corporate venture to develop a range of white-label smart charging services. This gives us the speed and flexibility of a start-up, with the support and resources of a corporate.

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