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SCOPE: Improving air quality in cities

Major cities host many events and festivals for its citizens, featuring numerous emission hotspots. Events mostly require off-grid energy solutions which are mostly powered through diesel generators.

A city like Breda in the Netherlands consumes ca. 180,000 liters of diesel and emits about 0,6 tons of PM10 and 4,7 tons of NOx per year.

DEFINE: Citizens contribute green energy from their electric vehicles

As a solution AirQon supports the creation of a new energy market: it aims to disrupt the local diesel generator based energy supply market to fuel off-grid outdoor events by a sharing economy energy supply system based on Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries, thus eliminating a serious and growing air pollution source in Breda.

DEVELOP: Off-the-grid energy service via V2Box

The solution is based on introducing an innovative technology (V2Box) to control bidirectional energy flow to and from EV batteries in order to make them potential substitute of diesel generators providing off-grid energy.

This is supported by societal innovation: building up and managing a community of EV owners willing to fuel open-air events with clean electricity.

Demand and supply of the new market will be matched through an online platform and mutually beneficial incentive schemes.

IDENTIFY: Collaboration by public and private parties

The city of Breda initiated the Aircon development. It invited contributing parties in the area of car sharing, event organizing, IT development, community building, electric vehicle technology and marketing

EMBED: Airqon will be available to all European cities

The European Union has financed the development of the Airqon solution. We are currently developing the first release for the city of Breda. It will be tested at events and festivals during the 2019 season. Once tested has been completed, Airqon is available for all European cities.

Airqon is a great solution for citizens to use their electric car for the contribution to zero-emission during events and festivals. The collaboration between businesses such as Faraday Keys, public services and volunteering organizations are a great example of how the city of Breda develops innovative projects.

Daan Quaars, Alderman, City of Breda

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