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One-stop shop for driving electric

SCOPE: How to grow sales in electric mobility for the leader in car lease?

While there is a spectacular growing of interest in driving electric vehicles, fleet managers in companies are cautious when introducing this new mode of mobility. Their concerns regard the practical complexity of deploying electric vehicles: both drivers and company lack knowledge about use, range, charging, maintenance, cost of ownership etc of the electric vehicle.

DEFINE: One-stop shop removes barriers for driving electric

LeasePlan has become the global leader in car leasing for its ability to address need of fleet managers and its drivers. To enable customers to start driving electric, LeasePlan needed an effortless EV proposition towards its customers. This proposition should include all aspects: from vehicle to driving to charging.

DEVELOP: Driving electric proposition

With an international team of 9 LeasePlan leaders in electric mobility, we developed the one-stop shop for electric mobility. A proposition that was available in all 9 European countries, bring a best-of-class EV experience to customers in highly standardized way. International customers benefit this standard as it simplifies the deployment of electric mobility across fleets in Europe.

The LeasePlan one-stop shop EV proposition included everything, from selecting the right vehicles for the customer’s mobility needs to the installation of charge points at offices and homes, and provisioning of the LeasePlan charge card giving access to public charging from Norway to Portugal.

IDENTIFY: partner for delivering charge solutions across Europe

Through a process in which international fleet customers where involved, we developed requirements for the value chain and every contributing partner or technology. On the basis of our customer journey and definition of internal processes for EV deployment, we organized a European RFP for the selection of technology and implementation partners.

EMBED: commercial proposition and fulfilment in Leaseplan organization

Successful growth of electric mobility at LeasePlan customers comes with a perfect match between LeasePlan’s teams and their fulfillment partners. With the EV leadership team we rolled-out the proposition in 9 countries, addressing knowledge development, marketing, internal processes, online ordering and fulfilment and quality control.

Faraday Keys has developed and implemented a strong electric vehicle proposition which fitted with our customer needs and with the LeasePlan global positioning. I liked the team of Faraday Keys who were effective in their work and have embedded the EV proposition very well in our running business.

Dirk Pissens, Global Head of EV for LeasePlan

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