Transition opens up ways for growth

A change or transition in society reshuffles values and roles: old hurdles are overcome, new consumers emerge, new needs surface. Well-organized companies can benefit as during transitions there is less competition, more money available to spend on new solutions and a lot of publicity to be leveraged.

The transition from fossil-to-renewable energy fits with the current prosumer trend: the shift towards distributed production, being more in control of your own resources, using rather than owning.

Large businesses can leverage this trend by offering a range of services and solutions which can be deployed by prosumers.

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Opportunity of the energy transition

In the mobility and energy sector all new business propositions and innovations involve the use or leveraging of renewable energy.

If you believe that innovation and new markets are essential for growing your business, then your company needs to make the transition to renewable energy.

Today, this transition can be made in a profitable way. Services and products based on renewable energy address a growing market and can be deployed with a positive bottom line.

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About us

Who is Faraday Keys

Faraday Keys works with the corporate industry to develop and deploy profitable business ventures based on renewable energy.

We bolt-on to existing business units or develop new start-ups.

We develop and implement concrete propositions based on renewable energy, which create new revenue streams for our clients.

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Meet the team

  • Pieter Willems

    Pieter has developed consumer and B2B propositions for international brands such as Michelin, Volvo and LeasePlan. He has a strong expertise in digital, consumer marketing and technology adoption. In Faraday Keys, Pieter is responsible for client solutions, finance and venturing. He was the founder of international consultancy Pieter has lead the digital innovation program for Millward Brown Europe. During weekends, he sails in the waters around Amsterdam.

  • Lucien Joppe

    After having worked for 20 years in IT and 10 years in Energy and Electric mobility roles, Lucien joined Faraday Keys to develop the next generation sustainable business propositions. He combines these experiences with his business administration background to lead the functional design and technical implementation in our ventures. On Saturdays, Lucien can be found at the lakes, perfecting his windsurfing skills.

  • Oscar Westerhof

    With a background in strategy consultancy and experience in various startups, Oscar turns strategic ideas into practice. Prior to joining FaradayKeys, Oscar worked at McKinsey & Company and was a freelance consultant to corporates and startups in mobility and finance. Be patient when contacting Oscar on Fridays, as he may be tasting wines for his wine deal site.

Getting in touch with Faraday Keys

What business proposition can we develop for your company to leverage the transition to renewable energy? Please let us know how we can help.