We believe that new propositions are most successful when initially managed outside of the corporate organization. New ventures in the shape of start-up companies or acquisitions attract the right talent, work in an agile way and avoid limitations imposed by existing corporate cultures.


Examples of delivered propositions are charge services for electric mobility companies, energy propositions for fleet operators, EV propositions for lease and rental players, virtual off-the-grid solutions for real-estate companies etc.

5 Steps

to a successful implementation
of a new energy proposition

  • SCOPE opportunity of new proposition for the client
  • DEFINE viable product
  • DEVELOP the market proposition
  • IDENTIFY and select fulfilment partner
  • EMBED proposition in the existing organisation


  • We are thinkers and doers: 20% is strategy, 80% of our work is incubating and implementation
  • We know which specialist companies are available to fill-in the missing pieces and to provide the right technology solution
  • We believe that innovation works best when managed outside of the corporate organization. We work with your people at our location, to work agile and allow for out-of-the-box solutions
  • We only leave when the proposition works


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