Over the past years we have helped multiple corporates to generate new business streams around renewable energy and new mobility. Based on our experience we developed our own approach, ensuring a successful new business venture.

3 Steps

From ideation to launch in less than a year
Business Concept

Search and identify profit pools

The transition within the Mobility and the Energy domains creates new business opportunities that not only bring growth and profit. Most importantly: new sustainable business opportunities boost the transition. The business concept will entail a clear description of the profit pool, enabling you to get everyone on board.

Profit pool identification

We empower companies to set course for these new opportunities by helping you to find new sustainable business opportunities (profit pools).

Next steps

Before we start with the design phase, we map the right approach and the needed investments. We also build up the most suitable team, as a combination of different disciplines and expertise.

Proof of Concept


Both proposition and business model are meant to be sustainable. In this phase, the focus is set on these elements and the definition of the beachhead market. By means of a PoC, we test the product-market fit, before it is implemented.

Value proposition

We create a valuable proposition by getting thorough insight into the pains and gains of the customer.

Proof of concept

We test the feasibility of the proposition by developing a Proof of Concept. By testing it we identify both strengths and possible weaknesses of the proposition.

Customer validation

Gathering customers feedback on the PoC is an essential step to ensure the product-market fit and avoid failure.

Business model

The business model should be right in terms of cost structure and revenue streams, among other things. There should be a clear business case before any investments can be made.



As soon as the PoC is validated and it proves to be a positive business case, we start developing the MVP.

Minimum viable product

We move from the PoC to develop a solution which can be actually offered to customers.


Successful growth comes with a perfect match between your company and fulfilment partners: we identify and select the right partners and shape the partnership in such a way that everybody is a winner.

Organisational readiness

It is of great importance that the organisation is ready to offer the new service, operationally and technically as well as legally.

Market launch

We go live introducing the new service in the market, with a solid and sustainable marketing approach.

Case Selection


Sustainable mobility for everyone

Jaguar Land Rover

iPace home charging

Multi Tank Card

E-services for leading mobility provider


  • We are thinkers and doers: 20% is strategy, 80% of our work is incubating and implementation
  • We know which specialist companies are available to fill-in the missing pieces and to provide the right technology solution
  • We believe that innovation works best when managed outside of the corporate organization. We work with your people at our location, to work agile and allow for out-of-the-box solutions


Propositions we Developed

Getting in touch with Faraday Keys

What business proposition can we develop for your company to leverage the transition to renewable energy? Please let us know how we can help.