Faraday Keys works with the corporate industry to develop and deploy profitable business ventures based on renewable energy. We bolt-on to existing business units or develop new start-ups.


Shifting to new business opportunities

We’re in transition. From fossil to electric energy. Change is an opportunity for the automotive and energy players to sustain and grow in the new era.

Make new ideas profitable

Faraday Keys builds and implements new propositions to make renewable energy and electric mobility contribute to the bottom line of your company. We hand the newly developed business over to you when it is profitable.

Case Selection

LeasePlan Corporation

One-stop shop for driving electric

Jaguar Land Rover

iPace home charging

Multi Tank Card

E-services for leading mobility provider

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Propositions in renewable energy and electric mobility are as strong as the technology and partnerships that support them. We identify the best-in-class partners, platforms, tools and services for our clients.

Latest blog Posts


A smart energy offer for electric lease drivers

Is driving an electric vehicle the answer to zero emission mobility? At least not for the 100%, as in many cases the required electricity is produced by gas, or even coal, power plants. We need a solution for the electric vehicle to accelerate the renewable share in the energy mix.

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How corporate venturing accelerates the Energy Transition

Corporate venturing is hot! In today’s digital economy, internal investment and M&A activity alone aren’t enough to drive the growth companies need to stay competitive.

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The one business case in mobility where idleness is a virtue

For businesses, electric vehicles can bring value beyond mobility. They are an asset for generating cost savings, or even revenue, from electricity storage.

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