Faraday Keys works with the corporate industry to develop and deploy profitable business ventures based on renewable energy. We bolt-on to existing business units or develop new start-ups.


Shifting to new business opportunities

We’re in transition. From fossil to electric energy. Change is an opportunity for the automotive and energy players to sustain and grow in the new era.

Make new ideas profitable

Faraday Keys builds and implements new propositions to make renewable energy and electric mobility contribute to the bottom line of your company. We hand the newly developed business over to you when it is profitable.

Case Selection


Sustainable mobility for everyone

Jaguar Land Rover

iPace home charging

Multi Tank Card

E-services for leading mobility provider

Latest blog Posts

smart mobility

A zero-emission fleet as a driver for a competitive advantage and growth

Changing expectations from society are influencing the way industries conduct their business. Companies are increasingly aware of the need to earn the trust of local...

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energy transition

The rise of flexibility markets: a race to the new standard

The problem of local congestion on the Dutch grid will increase in the coming years. It will be crucial to develop better ways of managing energy supply and demand. New propositions start to appear and competitors are raising the stakes. The race is on!

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smart mobility

Narrowing the gap

Governmental intervention plays an important part in the transition to electric mobility. Preferential regulations that favour electric driving and smart charging are an important first step to help electric vehicles reach mass acceptance.

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Getting in touch with Faraday Keys

What business proposition can we develop for your company to leverage the transition to renewable energy? Please let us know how we can help.